Unverified Commit d906c05e authored by Dyneteve's avatar Dyneteve Committed by PrajjuS
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vince: Switch to userspace LMKD

Change-Id: I55cc57f8c9b6a2d9af5f4e1cbb1588c0db37a1ca
Signed-off-by: default avatarPrajjuS <theprajjus@gmail.com>
parent 61fd4d01
......@@ -28,7 +28,7 @@ property Name is called. -->
<Prop Name="ro.vendor.qti.sys.fw.trim_enable_memory" Value="2147483648" />
<Prop Name="ro.vendor.qti.am.reschedule_service" Value="true" />
<Prop Name="ro.vendor.at_library" Value="libqti-at.so" />
<Prop Name="ro.lmk.enable_userspace_lmk" Value="false" />
<Prop Name="ro.lmk.enable_userspace_lmk" Value="true" />
<Prop Name="vendor.debug.enable.lm" Value="true" />
<Prop Name="vendor.perf.gestureflingboost.enable" Value="true" />
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