Commit 6c2d8cb5 authored by luk1337's avatar luk1337 Committed by Kevin F. Haggerty
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sm6150-common: Fix qcrilmsgtunnel dependencies

* Back in Android P, android.hidl.manager-V1.0-java was
  always loaded thanks to being in BOOTCLASSPATH.
  However on Q it's not there anymore and qcrilmsgtunnel
  was kinda prepared for that b-but they used wrong
  library name 'android.hidl.manager@1.0-java' vs
  'android.hidl.manager-V1.0-java' so it didn't really

Change-Id: I0f8db83b955c133b0089d89e8fb5f006d6873a96
parent fb56d5bb
......@@ -5,6 +5,6 @@
Confidential and Proprietary - Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.
<library name="android.hidl.manager@V1.0-java"
<library name="android.hidl.manager-V1.0-java"
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