Commit 34e22844 authored by PIPIPIG233666's avatar PIPIPIG233666 Committed by Kevin F. Haggerty
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davinci/sm6150-common: Update blobs

 * From Xiaomi/davinci/davinci:10/QKQ1.190825.002/9.11.19:user/release-keys.

Change-Id: If009745a13da793356d35b41ee88be7510e6fd9e
parent c813558d
......@@ -249,7 +249,7 @@ android_app_import {
name: "SoterService",
owner: "xiaomi",
apk: "proprietary/vendor/app/SoterService/SoterService.apk",
presigned: true,
certificate: "platform",
dex_preopt: {
enabled: false,
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