Unverified Commit 4175ebe4 authored by Michael Bestas's avatar Michael Bestas Committed by Abdul Mondal
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sdm660-common: Update blobs from jasmine V11.0.17.0.QDIMIXM

Change-Id: I1bfce547e5d7b5e7073c26298b3bd48dd7903c44
parent 6416e337
......@@ -22,4 +22,4 @@ service vendor.drm-widevine-hal-1-2 /vendor/bin/hw/android.hardware.drm@1.2-serv
group media mediadrm drmrpc system
ioprio rt 4
writepid /dev/cpuset/foreground/tasks
writepid /d/ktrace/sched/drm_pid
writepid /sys/kernel/ktrace/sched/drm_pid
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