1. 31 Jan, 2023 4 commits
  2. 06 Jan, 2023 4 commits
  3. 11 Nov, 2022 1 commit
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      sm8250-common: Update patched PowerOffAlarm.apk · 2bc3c8a3
      LuK1337 authored
      Somehow, the old patched PowerOffAlarm.apk got lost, so we have to
      re-patch this apk again to not require oplus-specific permissions.
      Change-Id: Id419245e7943de99d2316060205404b5c706f292
  4. 17 Oct, 2022 1 commit
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      sm8250-common: Don't process display brightness on pxlw disp mode change · 541e2ba1
      jabashque authored
      In libpwirissoft.so's `pxlw` class, `qcomSetDisplayMode()` ends up
      calling `irisSetConfigEx()` with `brightness_level_` as one of the
      parameters. `irisSetConfigEx()` ends up passing that `brightness_level_`
      param to `processDisplayBrightness()`, which seems to do some sort of
      additional dimming of the display output depending on what the current
      brightness level is.
      On AOSP, it looks like `brightness_level_` doesn't get set properly.
      After hwcomposer is initialized for the first time (or terminated and
      restarted), if we turn the panel off and back on at least once, and then
      try changing display modes, hwcomposer seems to apply a constant dimming
      of the display output regardless of the backlight level.
      Let's work around that by nop-ing out the `irisSetConfigEx()` call in
      `qcomSetDisplayMode()`. That way, `processDisplayBrightness()` won't get
      called, and we will not get that dimming.
      Change-Id: Ied87b229d596bcc597b9ccb0a47368cbcb97f54b
  5. 16 Oct, 2022 1 commit
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      sm8250-common: Unlock more camera capabilities · db7a52e8
      LuK1337 authored
      Even though we now have gc5035 unlocked by default, this patch seems
      to still be required to achieve the following:
      * enables 48MP RAW10 Capture on third party camera apps
      * enables long exposure capture support on all package names
      * removes the 1/30s shutter speed cap from the viewfinder on third party
        camera apps
      * enables support for the MFNR viewfinder on auxiliary lenses
      Change-Id: If321a31aeffe22b471a08a58432096c9653c2f64
  6. 12 Oct, 2022 1 commit
  7. 19 Sep, 2022 3 commits