Commit bd601bc4 authored by LuK1337's avatar LuK1337
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sm8150-common: Extract from OnePlus7ProOxygen_21.P.37_OTA_0370_all_2105200027_0a2b34cb15b36

parent aeca5bad
......@@ -2683,11 +2683,9 @@
<data name="dataformat_ul_data_aggregation_protocol" type="int"> 9 </data>
<data name="dataformat_dl_gro_enabled" type="int"> 1 </data>
<data name="dataformat_ul_gso_enabled" type="int"> 1 </data>
<!-- #ifdef VENDOR_EDIT KimmyYang 20191017 Disable GRO for x55m -->
<data name="rsc" type="int"> 0 </data>
<data name="rsb" type="int"> 0 </data>
<data name="mhip" type="int"> 0 </data>
<!-- #endif VENDOR_EDIT -->
<data name="rsc" type="int"> 1 </data>
<data name="rsb" type="int"> 1 </data>
<data name="mhip" type="int"> 1 </data>
<data name="phys_net_dev" type="string"> rmnet_mhi0 </data>
<data name="rtm_rmnet_data_enabled" type="int"> 1 </data>
<data name="rtnetlink_tc_enabled" type="int"> 1 </data>
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