Verified Commit 6c67ead5 authored by Giammarco Senatore's avatar Giammarco Senatore
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sdm710-common: Drop unneeded sensorscalibrate libs

parent 8f32dbc7
......@@ -196,13 +196,6 @@ dex_import {
jars: ["proprietary/system/framework/WfdCommon.jar"],
dex_import {
name: "vendor.qti.hardware.sensorscalibrate-V1.0-java",
owner: "lenovo",
jars: ["proprietary/product/framework/vendor.qti.hardware.sensorscalibrate-V1.0-java.jar"],
product_specific: true,
prebuilt_etc_xml {
name: "manifest_android.hardware.drm@1.3-service.widevine",
owner: "lenovo",
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