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      walleye/taimen: Remove deprecated blob dependencies · 7c061d9d
      Lunarixus authored
      In Google's own words: "libhidltransport and libhwbinder have been deprecated and the code is in libhidlbase"
      With this knowledge we know that these blobs should still work despite not having libhidltransport and libhwbinder
      so we can remove the prebuilt blobs that Google added to the vendor which are hacks to make these blobs work.
      Commands used to patch all of these libs:
      for i in $(grep -Rln "libhidltransport.so"); do patchelf --remove-needed libhidltransport.so $i; done
      for i in $(grep -Rln "libhwbinder.so"); do patchelf --remove-needed libhwbinder.so $i; done
      Special thanks to AnanJaser1211 for help with the commands.
      Signed-off-by: default avatarLunarixus <Nathanb644@hotmail.co.uk>
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      walleye/taimen: Remove all conflicting apps · 1eaf3cbd
      Lunarixus authored
      * hentaiOS has all of these in the build system already.
      Signed-off-by: default avatarLunarixus <Nathan@lunarixus.party>
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