Unverified Commit ecd13dee authored by Andrey Sprynga's avatar Andrey Sprynga Committed by Alexander Koskovich
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common: wlan: Inherit WLAN makefile for SDM845.

 * Make guards look cleaner while we're at it.

Change-Id: I604d36bb48e75dc6417422ab986a0506bd954cff
parent bee7189b
# Copyright (C) 2020 Paranoid Android
# Copyright (C) 2021 Paranoid Android
# Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
# you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
......@@ -46,9 +46,12 @@ PRODUCT_PACKAGES += \
$(call inherit-product, vendor/qcom/opensource/data-ipa-cfg-mgr/ipacm_vendor_product.mk)
# Include QCOM WLAN makefiles.
-include device/qcom/wlan/$(TARGET_BOARD_PLATFORM)/wlan.mk
ifeq ($(call is-board-platform-in-list,msm8998 sdm660),true)
ifeq ($(call is-board-platform-in-list,sdm845),true)
-include device/qcom/wlan/skunk/wlan.mk
else ifeq ($(call is-board-platform-in-list,msm8998 sdm660),true)
-include device/qcom/wlan/sdm660_64/wlan.mk
-include device/qcom/wlan/$(TARGET_BOARD_PLATFORM)/wlan.mk
# Get non-open-source specific aspects.
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