Unverified Commit a8164d3d authored by Alexander Koskovich's avatar Alexander Koskovich
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common: nq-nfc: Set TARGET_USES_NQ_NFC globally in the component.

 * Some devices need to sync the legacy repositories
   because they ship legacy NFC chips like PN5xx and
   as a result don't meet the requirements of the board
   guard. If you're using this component this will always
   be true anyways.

Change-Id: I8b0eb523f0492d3586db7d0ccf2073f2e4d8622f
parent 4dec3160
......@@ -16,6 +16,8 @@
$(call inherit-product, vendor/nxp/opensource/commonsys/packages/apps/Nfc/nfc_system_product.mk)
$(call inherit-product, vendor/nxp/opensource/halimpl/nfc_vendor_product.mk)
# Packages
se_nq_extn_client \
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