Commit 512e2e19 authored by Elliott Hughes's avatar Elliott Hughes Committed by Vishalcj17
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init: Fix EntropyMixer.

/dev/hw_random should be readable by system_server for EntropyMixer to
be able to use it.

Bug: http://b/179086242
Test: adb shell logcat | grep Entropy
Test: android.permission.cts.FileSystemPermissionTest#testDevHwRandomLockedDown
Change-Id: I7dd7faf300f5ce3cab8d02c69be7915238cf61da
parent 957163d7
......@@ -212,7 +212,6 @@ firmware_directories /vendor/firmware_mnt/image/
/dev/msm_vidc_dec_sec 0660 system audio
/dev/msm_vidc_enc 0660 system audio
/dev/msm_rotator 0660 system system
/dev/hw_random 0600 root root
/dev/sdsprpc-smd 0660 system system
#permissions for audio
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